Vermont Hindu Temple Inc. (VHT) was officially formed in June 2015 as a Vermont non-profit public benefit membership organization founded by a group of Bhutanese-Nepali refugees to celebrate and promote Hindu culture and values in Vermont. VHT acquired it’s 501(C)(3) status in August 2015. 


The strong need of establishing a Hindu temple was felt owing to Hindu cultural belief as expressed in great Hindu epic “Shreemadh Bhagavata” that a community without a temple of the God would make the living of the people difficult and spiritually hollow. Members of Hindu Bhutanese –Nepali community resettled from Nepal as Bhutanese refugees travel frequently as far as Albany, New York, a three hour drive (one way) from Burlington, Vermont, to visit and pray in the temple because this is the nearest temple from where they are currently living. As Vermont currently does not have a permanent Hindu temple in the state, it became a necessity for all Hindus living in Vermont to establish a spiritual base for the betterment and self-fulfilling life for each of them. VHT has certainly become the “spiritual home” of all Hindus living in


Other reasons for having a community space also include engaging Bhutanese folks, who are compelled to stay idle at home without adequate mobility due to language, transportation, cultural and other barriers, and are in need of a place for get-togethers, for all community members to share their day to day matters. 


        Given the current context of as to who can be contacted in Bhutanese community, the community space would also become a contact point for all service providers to spread out their information as well as provide them an opportunity to know the culture of the Bhutanese Nepali community.

Traditionally Bhutanese-Nepalis have always lived in a close proximity to each other and many of them long to meet and have fun jointly. However, this culture of togetherness has been broken now in the aftermath of the resettlement as a consequence of many barriers including language, transportation, weather, work and complications of city life such as roads, traffics and look alike houses. 

Therefore, the community space will reinvigorate their lost culture of having fun together and make the resettlement transition smooth, enriching and spiritually self-fulfilling. 

We are a home away from home for everyone who wants to learn more about us. We welcome everyone who is interested in learning more about Hinduism and culture. We have priests who have had advanced training who will be able to provide various types of religious and cultural services. Contact us to learn more about us. 


The Seventh Annual Holi Festival of Colors was held in downtown Burlington outside St. Joseph's School on Saturday afternoon. Participants threw colored powder on each other to celebrate spring, love and peace. The colorful crew marched down Church Street for the first time this year, inviting bystanders to participate and yelling "Happy Holi!" The event was organized by the Vermont Hindu Temple with support from Spectrum Youth and Family Services.

Vermont Hindu Temple was started by Bhutanese Nepali refugees in the Burlington area to celebrate and share Hindu philosophy and practice. All are welcome.


20 Allen St, 2nd floor

Burlington, VT 05401

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